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  1. 2017-10-31[PDF] Military Laser Technology for Defense: Technology for Revolutionizing 21st Century Warfare
  2. 2017-10-31[PDF] NetSuite OneWorld Implementation 2011 R2
  3. 2017-10-31[PDF] Design Thinking Research: Making Design Thinking Foundational (Understanding Innovation)
  4. 2017-10-31[PDF] Language Power: Tutorials for Writers
  5. 2017-10-31[PDF] Energy Demand in Industry: What Factors Are Important? (Green Energy and Technology)
  6. 2017-10-31[PDF] Mobility and Ancient Society in Asia and the Americas
  7. 2017-10-31[PDF] iPhone User Interface Cookbook
  8. 2017-10-31[PDF] Portfolio Analytics: An Introduction to Return and Risk Measurement, 2nd edition
  9. 2017-10-31[PDF] Dermatology Simplified: Outlines and Mnemonics
  10. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Starlight Night: The Sky in the Writings of Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Hopkins, 2nd edition
  11. 2017-10-31[PDF] Design and Analysis of Reinforced Fiber Composites
  12. 2017-10-31[PDF] In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices: Introduction to Current Point-of-Care Diagnostic Devices
  13. 2017-10-31[PDF] Technical Analysis for Algorithmic Pattern Recognition
  14. 2017-10-31[PDF] Water, Politics and Money: A Reality Check on Privatization
  15. 2017-10-31[PDF] Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems: Modelling and Analysis, 2nd edition
  16. 2017-10-31[PDF] Kinomics: Approaches and Applications
  17. 2017-10-31[PDF] Advanced Semiconducting Materials and Devices (Engineering Materials)
  18. 2017-10-31[PDF] Computational Intelligence in Analog and Mixed-Signal (AMS) and Radio-Frequency (RF) Circuit Design
  19. 2017-10-31[PDF] Pediatric Lower Limb Deformities: Principles and Techniques of Management
  20. 2017-10-31[PDF] Transforming the Patient Experience: A New Paradigm for Hospital and Physician Leadership
  21. 2017-10-31[PDF] Design of Polymeric Platforms for Selective Biorecognition
  22. 2017-10-31[PDF] Advances in the Understanding of Biological Sciences Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Approaches
  23. 2017-10-31[PDF] Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 2: Novel Systems and Applications
  24. 2017-10-31[PDF] Neurotechnology, Electronics, and Informatics: Revised Selected Papers from Neurotechnix 2013
  25. 2017-10-31[PDF] Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 1: Analysis and Modeling
  26. 2017-10-31[PDF] Full-3D Seismic Waveform Inversion: Theory, Software and Practice
  27. 2017-10-31[PDF] Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Heterogeneous Media
  28. 2017-10-31[PDF] Collective Agency and Cooperation in Natural and Artificial Systems: Explanation, Implementation and Simulation
  29. 2017-10-31[PDF] Handbook of Nanoelectrochemistry: Electrochemical Synthesis Methods, Properties and Characterization Techniques
  30. 2017-10-31[PDF] Basics of PET Imaging: Physics, Chemistry, and Regulations (3rd edition)
  31. 2017-10-31[PDF] Gumroad - Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Painting
  32. 2017-10-31[PDF] Gumroad - Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Painting
  33. 2017-10-31[PDF] Nanophysics for Energy Efficiency
  34. 2017-10-31[PDF] Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification (3rd edition) [German]
  35. 2017-10-31[PDF] Market Entry into the USA: Why European Companies Fail and How to Succeed
  36. 2017-10-31[PDF] Organ Transplantation in Times of Donor Shortage: Challenges and Solutions
  37. 2017-10-31[PDF] Reticulate Evolution: Symbiogenesis, Lateral Gene Transfer, Hybridization and Infectious Heredity
  38. 2017-10-31[PDF] Underwater Archaeology of a Pacific Battlefield: The WWII Battle of Saipan
  39. 2017-10-31[PDF] Perspectives on Peacekeeping and Atrocity Prevention: Expanding Stakeholders and Regional Arrangements
  40. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education
  41. 2017-10-31[PDF] Husserl and Heidegger on Reduction, Primordiality, and the Categorial: Phenomenology Beyond its Original Divide
  42. 2017-10-31[PDF] Bonding in Electron-Rich Molecules: Qualitative Valence-Bond Approach via Increased-Valence Structures (2nd edition)
  43. 2017-10-31[PDF] Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach (3rd edition)
  44. 2017-10-31[PDF] Reduced Basis Methods for Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
  45. 2017-10-31[PDF] Regulation of Implantation and Establishment of Pregnancy in Mammals
  46. 2017-10-31[PDF] F-14 Tomcat in Action (Squadron Signal 1105)
  47. 2017-10-31[PDF] MiG-23/27 Flogger in action (Squadron Signal 1101)
  48. 2017-10-31[PDF] Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care: A Guide to Integrating Services (2nd edition)
  49. 2017-10-31[PDF] Manufacturing of Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
  50. 2017-10-31[PDF] Handbook of LGBT Elders: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Principles, Practices, and Policies
  51. 2017-10-31[PDF] Pseudo-Populations: A Basic Concept in Statistical Surveys
  52. 2017-10-31[PDF] Nils Petter Gleditsch: Pioneer in the Analysis of War and Peace
  53. 2017-10-31[PDF] Sensorimotor Integration in the Whisker System
  54. 2017-10-31[PDF] Sporotrichosis: New Developments and Future Prospects
  55. 2017-10-31[PDF] Landscapes and Landforms of Colombia
  56. 2017-10-31[PDF] Structural Fire Performance of Contemporary Post-tensioned Concrete Construction
  57. 2017-10-31[PDF] Task Design In Mathematics Education: an ICMI study 22
  58. 2017-10-31[PDF] Dungeon Master For Dummies (for the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game)
  59. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Age of Comfort: When Paris Discovered Casual and the Modern Home Began
  60. 2017-10-31[PDF] Geometry of Quantum States: An Introduction to Quantum Entanglement (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
  61. 2017-10-31[PDF] Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain (Allen Lane Science)
  62. 2017-10-31[PDF] Fresh Happy Tasty: An Adventure in 100 Recipes
  63. 2017-10-31[PDF] Vegan for Her: The Woman s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet
  64. 2017-10-31[PDF] It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism
  65. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Asset Management (Oxford Handbooks in Finance)
  66. 2017-10-31[PDF] Learning RSLogix 5000 Programming
  67. 2017-10-31[PDF] Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts
  68. 2017-10-31[PDF] Internal Dialogue (Busy Writer's Guides) (Volume 7)
  69. 2017-10-31[PDF] Internal Dialogue (Busy Writer's Guides) (Volume 7)
  70. 2017-10-31[PDF] Writing Deep Scenes: Plotting Your Story Through Action, Emotion, and Theme
  71. 2017-10-31[PDF] Tatort Gehirn
  72. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Generals: Patton, MacArthur, Marshall, and the Winning of World War II
  73. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God and the Necessity of Faith
  74. 2017-10-31[PDF] Strukturierte Behandlungssteuerung dynamischer Patientenprozesse (German Edition)
  75. 2017-10-31[PDF] Complex Systems Design & Management Asia: Designing Smart Cities: Proceedings of the First Asia - Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management, CSD&M Asia 2014
  76. 2017-10-31[PDF] Place-Based Conservation: Perspectives from the Social Sciences
  77. 2017-10-31[PDF] Crime, HIV and Health: Intersections of Criminal Justice and Public Health Concerns
  78. 2017-10-31[PDF] Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven's Past, Present and Future
  79. 2017-10-31[PDF] Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven's Past, Present and Future
  80. 2017-10-31[PDF] Angular Momentum
  81. 2017-10-31[PDF] Performance Analysis of Computer Networks
  82. 2017-10-31[PDF] Handbuch Modellbildung und Simulation in den Sozialwissenschaften (German Edition)
  83. 2017-10-31[PDF] New Techniques for Thoracic Outlet Syndromes
  84. 2017-10-31[PDF] ''I Am a Man'' : Chief Standing Bear's Journey for Justice [Audiobook]
  85. 2017-10-31[PDF] ''I Am a Man'' : Chief Standing Bear's Journey for Justice [Audiobook]
  86. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Future Control of Food: An Essential Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security
  87. 2017-10-31[PDF] Modern Organonickel Chemistry
  88. 2017-10-31[PDF] Essentials of Understanding Psychology, 9th Edition
  89. 2017-10-31[PDF] Rural Aging in 21st Century America (Understanding Population Trends and Processes)
  90. 2017-10-31[PDF] Proprotein Convertases (Methods in Molecular Biology)
  91. 2017-10-31[PDF] Broken Agile: Second Edition
  92. 2017-10-31[PDF] The Politics of Same-Sex Marriage
  93. 2017-10-31[PDF] Creative Techniques in Colored Pencil, Graphite, and Oil Painting: Step-by-Step Projects for Teens and Adults
  94. 2017-10-31[PDF] Going to Extremes: How Like Minds Unite and Divide
  95. 2017-10-31[PDF] Art&Home: Decorating with Art in 21st Century Homes
  96. 2017-10-31[PDF] Developments and Challenges for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles: A Compendium (Intelligent Systems Reference Library)
  97. 2017-10-31[PDF] Extreme Costume Makeup: 25 Creepy & Cool Step-by-Step Demos
  98. 2017-10-31[PDF] IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Edition of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2011 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)
  99. 2017-10-31[PDF] CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Cardiology, Third Edition (LANGE CURRENT Series)
  100. 2017-10-31[PDF] iOS eCommerce App Development with Parse
  101. 2017-10-31[PDF] Child Neuropsychology: Assessment and Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 2nd Edition

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