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  1. 2017-12-31[PDF] Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution
  2. 2017-12-31[PDF] Novel Food Preservation and Microbial Assessment Techniques
  3. 2017-12-31[PDF] Handbook of Toxicology, Third Edition
  4. 2017-12-31[PDF] Food Safety: Researching the Hazard in Hazardous Foods (Advances in Hospitality and Tourism)
  5. 2017-12-31[PDF] Operational Amplifiers, Fifth Edition (EDN Series for Design Engineers)
  6. 2017-12-31[PDF] Advanced Disassembly Planning: Flexible, Price-Quantity Dependent, and Multi-Period Planning Approaches
  7. 2017-12-31[PDF] Recycling Advanced English
  8. 2017-12-31[PDF] 1,001 Celestial Wonders to See Before You Die: The Best Sky Objects for Star Gazers (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)
  9. 2017-12-31[PDF] Compendium of Bioenergy Plants: Switchgrass
  10. 2017-12-31[PDF] Applications of Laser-Plasma Interactions (Series in Plasma Physics)
  11. 2017-12-31[PDF] Professional Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming
  12. 2017-12-31[PDF] Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics and Materials Properties (Graduate Texts in Physics)
  13. 2017-12-31[PDF] Microeconomic Theory Old and New: A Student's Guide
  14. 2017-12-31[PDF] Crop Protection: From Agrochemistry to Agroecology
  15. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Mechanics of Nonlinear Systems with Internal Resonances
  16. 2017-12-31[PDF] Building Polyfills
  17. 2017-12-31[PDF] Designing Multi-Device Experiences: An Ecosystem Approach to User Experiences across Devices
  18. 2017-12-31[PDF] Network Security Through Data Analysis: Building Situational Awareness
  19. 2017-12-31[PDF] Learning Web App Development
  20. 2017-12-31[PDF] Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism (Historical Materialism Book Series) (Historical Materialism Books (Haymarket Books))
  21. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Meanings of Work: Essays on the Affirmation and Negation of Work (Historical Materialism Book Series)
  22. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Capitalist Cycle: An Essay on the Marxist Theory of the Cycle (Historical Materialism Book Series)
  23. 2017-12-31[PDF] Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction (Radar, Sonar, Navigation and Avionics)
  24. 2017-12-31[PDF] Der Naschbalkon [German]
  25. 2017-12-31[PDF] Advanced Technology and Particle Physics
  26. 2017-12-31[PDF] Cloud Capacity Management
  27. 2017-12-31[PDF] A Designer's Guide to Built-in Self-Test (Frontiers in Electronic Testing)
  28. 2017-12-31[PDF] A Designer's Guide to Built-in Self-Test (Frontiers in Electronic Testing)
  29. 2017-12-31[PDF] Space and Geometry: In the Light of Physiological, Psychological and Physical Inquiry (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  30. 2017-12-31[PDF] Marx and Singularity: From the Early Writings to the Grundrisse (Historical Materialism Book Series)
  31. 2017-12-31[PDF] Analog Electronics: Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
  32. 2017-12-31[PDF] Integration in Rome and in the Roman World: Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Lille, June 23-25, 2011)
  33. 2017-12-31[PDF] Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
  34. 2017-12-31[PDF] Planet Formation: Theory, Observations, and Experiments (Cambridge Astrobiology)
  35. 2017-12-31[PDF] From Grey to Silver: Managing the Demographic Change Successfully
  36. 2017-12-31[PDF] Physics And Modeling Of Tera- And Nano-Devices (Selected Topics in Eletronics and Systems)
  37. 2017-12-31[PDF] Iron Metabolism: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Consequences
  38. 2017-12-31[PDF] Ancient Cities: The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome
  39. 2017-12-31[PDF] Neutrino Oscillations: Present Status and Future Plans
  40. 2017-12-31[PDF] Vietnam Style
  41. 2017-12-31[PDF] Biology and Ecology of Sardines and Anchovies
  42. 2017-12-31[PDF] Utah's National Parks: Hiking Camping and Vacationing in Utahs Canyon Country
  43. 2017-12-31[PDF] Utah's National Parks: Hiking Camping and Vacationing in Utahs Canyon Country
  44. 2017-12-31[PDF] Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (7th Edition)
  45. 2017-12-31[PDF] CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology (5 Volume Set)
  46. 2017-12-31[PDF] A History of Electric Cars
  47. 2017-12-31[PDF] Introduction to Advanced Food Process Engineering
  48. 2017-12-31[PDF] Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology, Third Edition (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment)
  49. 2017-12-31[PDF] Business Aspects of Web Services
  50. 2017-12-31[PDF] Poka Yoke [German]
  51. 2017-12-31[PDF] Modern Bridal Photography Techniques: Portraits from Brett Florens Teach You How
  52. 2017-12-31[PDF] Dog Treats: The BARKtender's Guide to Easy Homemade Dogtails and Muttinis
  53. 2017-12-31[PDF] Enterprise Search
  54. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty's Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen
  55. 2017-12-31[PDF] Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman
  56. 2017-12-31[PDF] Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones: Programming for junaio, Layar and Wikitude
  57. 2017-12-31[PDF] L'ultimo desiderio [Italian]
  58. 2017-12-31[PDF] Film Music: A Very Short Introduction
  59. 2017-12-31[PDF] 100 Ways to Motivate Others, Third Edition: How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving People Crazy
  60. 2017-12-31[PDF] Yoni's Last Battle: The Rescue at Entebbe, 1976
  61. 2017-12-31[PDF] Yoni's Last Battle: The Rescue at Entebbe, 1976
  62. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu: The Commander of the Entebbe Rescue Force
  63. 2017-12-31[PDF] S-S-snakes! (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)
  64. 2017-12-31[PDF] Books and Naturalists (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 112)
  65. 2017-12-31[PDF] British Game (Collins New Naturalist Library)
  66. 2017-12-31[PDF] Violence, Coercion, and State-Making in Twentieth-Century Mexico: The Other Half of the Centaur
  67. 2017-12-31[PDF] Le Formiche ultimo atto [Italian]
  68. 2017-12-31[PDF] Crazy for Crab: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Fabulous Crab at Home
  69. 2017-12-31[PDF] Sounds Like London: 100 Years of Black Music in the Capital
  70. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail
  71. 2017-12-31[PDF] La fragile costellazione della vita [Italian]
  72. 2017-12-31[PDF] Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates in His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
  73. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection: 40 Projects for the Time-Challenged Craftsman
  74. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection: 40 Projects for the Time-Challenged Craftsman
  75. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Age of the Antichrist
  76. 2017-12-31[PDF] Desperation Dinners
  77. 2017-12-31[PDF] How to be a Productivity Ninja: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do
  78. 2017-12-31[PDF] East Meets West: Traditional and Contemporary Asian Dishes from Acclaimed Vancouver Restaurants
  79. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts into Words, Revised and Expanded
  80. 2017-12-31[PDF] Duden, Mathe in 15 Minuten. - Mannheim Geometrie Kl. 6. [German]
  81. 2017-12-31[PDF] No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses
  82. 2017-12-31[PDF] Moving Innovation: A History of Computer Animation
  83. 2017-12-31[PDF] Brain Changer: How Harnessing Your Brain's Power to Adapt Can Change Your Life
  84. 2017-12-31[PDF] Brain Changer: How Harnessing Your Brain's Power to Adapt Can Change Your Life
  85. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Mlaatr Sketchbook By the Artists from My Life as a Teenage Robot
  86. 2017-12-31[PDF] Names, Ethnicity and Populations: Tracing Identity in Space
  87. 2017-12-31[PDF] Conservation by Proxy: Indicator, Umbrella, Keystone, Flagship, and Other Surrogate Species
  88. 2017-12-31[PDF] Nonlinear Optics, Third Edition
  89. 2017-12-31[PDF] Sir James Lighthill and Modern Fluid Mechanics
  90. 2017-12-31[PDF] Advanced Presentations by Design: Creating Communication that Drives Action
  91. 2017-12-31[PDF] Introduction To Condensed Mater Physics
  92. 2017-12-31[PDF] Invitation to Contemporary Physics
  93. 2017-12-31[PDF] A Logic Book: Fundamentals of Reasoning
  94. 2017-12-31[PDF] Quark Gluon Plasma 3
  95. 2017-12-31[PDF] Facilitating with Ease!, with CD: Core Skills for Facilitators, Team Leaders and Members, Managers, Consultants, and Trainers
  96. 2017-12-31[PDF] Astrophysical Lasers
  97. 2017-12-31[PDF] The Complete Asian Cookbook Series: China
  98. 2017-12-31[PDF] Membrane Transport Mechanism: 3D Structure and Beyond (Springer Series in Biophysics)
  99. 2017-12-31[PDF] Modern Many-Particle Physics: Atomic Gases, Quantum Dots and Quantum Fluids
  100. 2017-12-31[PDF] Nuclear and Particle Physics: An Introduction
  101. 2017-12-31[PDF] Secret Keeping: Overcoming Hidden Habits and Addictions

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